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J. Obrovského 1070/21
Brno, 635 00
phone: +420 777071049
write us
Email: panther-shop@seznam.cz

DOT44 jacket-mixed fabrics empty Show gallery
DOT 44 jacket made from 3 colour version and fabrics.

naše cena 125 EUR

DOT44 Police jacket empty Show gallery

naše cena 125 EUR

Helmet cover M42 oak/platan5 empty Show gallery
Helmet cover M42 oak/plane tree 5 limited quantity  2 x-66, 3 x-64 , 1 x-68 !

naše cena 70 EUR

Panther-shop  : custom production of historical uniforms.



Address: J. Obrovského 1070/21

Post Code: Brno, 635 00

E-mail: panther-shop@seznam.cz

Telephone: +420 777071049