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J. Obrovského 1070/21
Brno, 635 00
phone: +420 777071049
write us
Email: panther-shop@seznam.cz

DOT44 Police jacket empty Show gallery

naše cena 125 EUR

british woolen shirt with collar collar sizes 38,40,42,45,48 +high of person

naše cena 70 EUR

British woolen collarless shirt size 38,40,42,45,48

naše cena 70 EUR

Helmet cover M40 plane tree3 empty Show gallery
Helmet cover plane tree nr.3, size 64,66,limited edition max 6 pc

naše cena 100 EUR

Helmet cover M42 oak/platan5 empty Show gallery
Helmet cover M42 oak/plane tree 5 limited quantity  2 x-66, 3 x-64 , 1 x-68 !

naše cena 70 EUR

Panther-shop  : custom production of historical uniforms.



Address: J. Obrovského 1070/21

Post Code: Brno, 635 00

E-mail: panther-shop@seznam.cz

Telephone: +420 777071049