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Germany WW2 / Others

 WH M40  -Infanterie

naše cena 13 EUR


naše cena 13 EUR


naše cena 13 EUR


naše cena 15 EUR

DOT44  Pea fabric empty Show gallery
DOT 44 fabric, linen/cotton, width 150cm, price  per meter.

naše cena 35 EUR

Bandolier K98 Splitter empty Show gallery
Bandolier fur K98k Splitter,Bandoleer K98k  Splinter pattern.

naše cena 78 EUR

Bandolier FG42 Splinter empty Show gallery

naše cena 80 EUR

Tent quarter Oakleaf A empty Show gallery
variants: 1 or 2 rings for rope  .

naše cena 100 EUR

Tent quarter M31Splinter empty Show gallery
Zeltbahn M31 Splittermuster

naše cena 100 EUR

Tent quarter Tropic empty Show gallery
Zeltbahn Splittermuster- Tropisch

naše cena 100 EUR



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